Our Policy

Deposits are non-refundable

We are working on our contracts at this time. We prefer not take deposits until you select your kitten at that time at least 25% of the amount is due in order to hold. Deposits are non-refundable. The remainder must be paid no later then 2 weeks prior to shipping or at the time you are picking up your pet. We do consider delivering as well but 50%of the remaining balance must be paid prior to the trip and the remainder can be at the time we meet with you. We only charge for the price of fuel for delivery. We do not charge to meet buyers at the airport so they may fly back home with their pets. We can also fly your pet to your airport and meet you however, this would be expensive as it would be the price of the plans ticket, carry-on for the pet.

We do have a announcement list. To be on it please go to the contact form and request. Thank you

Please check your local laws

Please before inquiring check your local city, county and state laws. You are responsible for doing the research.