Information on who is available


They are here Jungle Curl kittens. These guys were born August 22. I can't wait to see how they progress. They are a bigger bulkier type feline but are so awesome. Pictures below. Kittens are $800 pet or $1300 females and $1500 males for breeders. 

 F3C TICA Male Savannah Kitten $2500.

I have a couple of F6 Savannah Kittens available. 

 All are sold, vaccinated, microchipped,and  de-wormed. 1 year health guarantee. I can ship in the US. Shipping on a kitten is $350.  

Individual kittens photos are posted below.

Our kittens are very well socialized with people, kids and other animals. To me lots of handling and playing with them as well as short trips all is important to having a friendly kitten. So far all my kittens that have homes the owners number one comment is how lovable my kittens are. There may be some mischievous ones but they love people.  

I love keeping in contact with their new owners to see how they are doing. Also to be available in case of questions. 

Others Available;

We have 1 ANCD pup still available $1500. 

I have been asked what a Jungle Curl is. A Jungle Curl is a Jungle cat crossed with hyland lynx, american curl, pixie bob or other curl types that produce the Jungle Cat look but with curl and more domestic type breeding.

Both Jungle Curls and Chausie will come with papers. Jungle Curls will have REFR pedigrees and Chausie will have TICA.

All deposits are deducted from the price of the kitten.

Below is a easy to access way to put a deposit on a available kitten. Please also download the contract and fill out.

We will have chaussie and jungle curls available shortly. 

Kitten Deposits

Purchase Agreement

Please download sign and send back when making the deposit. You can email or mail it back.

Kitten Agreement Contract (pdf)


Male F3c Savannah Kitten (TICA) 7-18 Harlie X Winchester

Getting big

He looks like a safari kitten. Such a great sport. 

Newer side shot

So Fancy

He is extremely loveable. Loves snuggling, hugging and toes. He is always to first to greet you when he knows your awake or home. 

Mom and Kitten

Cleaning time

Side Shot

Not easy getting a good picture of him right now.

Jungle Curl (REFR) 8-22

2 Girls and 2 Boys

These guys are going to be big. Eyes are already open I will have more photos soon. Ears are curling. These babies are basically F4 Jungle Cat. These cats can get up to 28lbs. But these kittens will probably range from 18 to 26lbs depending. I expect them to be pretty big cats with nice structure.


She is my favorite of the 2 girls. I love her darker color. She has real nice curl to her ears I just couldn't get a very good shot of her ears. 

$800 (Pet)

$1300 (with breeding rights)

Male (pending)

This guy is going to be a good size. He also has real nice curl to his ears. 


Deposit received.

Thank you

Big female

She has good color throughout her coat. Nice curled tipped ears. Will be a good size female. 

$800 (Pet)

$1300 (w/breeding rights)


He is girthier then the other male but at this time his ears have not curled. I have his price a little lower due to the fact they are not curled. they could possibly curl but at this time he is non curled.

$600 (pet)

F6 Savannah Kittens 8-29

Group of babies

We had quite the little color combo at this time it appears we have 2 melanistics 1 m and 1 female, 1 spotted female and 2 male marbles. So Pretty!!!!!

Male Marble

Male Marble
$600 (pet)

Male Marble

$600 Pet

Male Melanstic

Male Melanstic

$800 (pet)

Female spotted

Female spotted

$800 (pet)

Marble Female

$600 (Pet)


F6 Litter

Female Savannah

This sweet girl is available. She loves attention and cuddling. If you leave her for to long and go in a other room she will go to the door where you are at and talk to you. She is use to alot of interaction with people, kids and cats. I would love to see her go to a family or someone who either has another cat for her to be friends with or has alot of time to spend with her. She has such a sweet and goofy personality.

$800 (pet)

Harness Training

First time in a harness she did really well

Side photo

other side

Available ANCD


15 weeks old. This male is amazing. Very keen. Tentative to his owner and smart. He is the perfect example of a therapy service dog. He just needs the right owner to scoop him up. He is available for $1500.