Information on who is available

F6 Savannah Kittens

I have a couple litters of F6 Savannah Kittens available. All are sold, vaccinated, microchipped,and  de-wormed. 1 year health guarantee. I can ship in the US. Shipping on a kitten is $350.  

Spotted males and females born 4-24 $800

Mables $600.

Individual kittens photos are posted below.

Others Available;

We have 2 ANCD pups still available $1500. 

Also due soon 

F3 TICA Savannah Kittens $3,000 (Pet)

F1 Jungle Curl Kittens $1800 (pet) 

F1 Chausie $3000 (pet)

Both Jungle Curls and Chausie will come with pedigrees. Jungle Curls will have REFR pedigrees and Chausie will have TICA.

All deposits are deducted from the price of the kitten.

Below is a easy to access way to put a deposit on a available kitten. Please also download the contract and fill out.

We will have chaussie and jungle curls available shortly. 

Kitten Deposits

Purchase Agreement

Please download sign and send back when making the deposit. You can email or mail it back.

KittenAgreementClawsonRanch (doc)


F6 Savannah Kittens

Female 1

Light Golden Marble Female

This little girl is a lap cat. She loves attention and will just sit on your lap including on whatever you might be reading. She likes to play but is a very mellow kitten compared to her siblings.


Ready To Go after 6-26

Female 2

Golden Marble Female

Very Sweet. Loves to play with my kids. And enjoys cuddling. She enjoys high places. If she can reach it she will climb or jump to get to new heights.


Ready to go after 6-26

Female 3

Spotted Female

$800 (Pet)

Reserved (E.R.  UT)

Ready to go after 6-26

Female 4(Spoken For)

Spotted Female

Spoken for (M.C. Nevada.)

Female 5

Spotted Female

She is not a very photogentic kitten. I can't get her to stay still for a good photo. She likes to go and likes to go out for walks already. This little girl is a a explorer.

$800 (Pet)

$1500 (Breeder)

Ready after 6-26

Female 6

Silver Marble Female

Adventurous yet playful. She is always on the go. likes to play with the kids but also likes to cuddle for a little while.


Ready after 6-26

More F6 Kittens

Female 7 (SOLD)

Spotted Female
This girl is awesome! Very smart and unique. She has the look at me attitude that makes her stand out. Oh and she likes feathers alot! 

Sold (AR)

Ready after 6-26

Male 1 (SOLD)

Spotted Male
This boy is very nice. He is extremely mellow and seems to like the camera. Will sit on your arm and cuddle. Has to be the arm he doesn't like flat surfaced laps unless there is a arm or maybe  a book.


Male 2

Dark Golden Marble Male

He likes to explore new heights and get into mischief.

$600 (Pet)

Ready after 6-26 for his new home

Male 3

Spotted Male
I love this boys personality. He likes to play and be involved in whatever you are doing. Including folding clothes he tried to help well at least lay on them while you are folding.

$800 (Pet)

$2500 (Breeder)

ready after 6-26

Available ANCD

Speckle Toes

15 weeks old. Very on key pup. She is smart and a lead dog. She would make a great therapy dog, companion or outdoors canine. She loves to hike and explore everywhere. She has beautiful light eyes. She is available for $1500


15 weeks old. This male is amazing. Very keen. Tentative to his owner and smart. He is the perfect example of a therapy service dog. He just needs the right owner to scoop him up. He is available for $1500.