Happy Kitty Owners

Thank you

His new owners made a quick drive from Fresno, California to Nevada to come see and take him home. They were so excited to pick him up. On the way home he got to see the sites and visit Vegas.

Thank you

He is amazing

Here is a F6 Marble male in his new home. His owners adore him. 


Her family

This little girl is settling in great with her family. She even has a friend that is a Doberman.

Thank you

Happy Owners

Thank you so much! Our family loves him. We greatly appreciate the help in getting him. He is such a happy puppy.


I have never been so happy with a dog. She is amazing! Thank you for the great opportunity to be her best friend.


Thank you for her. We named her Savannah. She has adjusted so well and is so playful. The girls absolutely adore her. 


Bucket off to his new home. He had a whole welcoming crew.

Off to his new home

They were so happy to see her.

ANCD In Their new Homes


Suren with her new person in Illinois. 

Suren and Tubby

Residing happily with their new owners in PA


Cadet Bane 

Future K9 Officer in Utah